Technical Seminar Organized by the ASHRAE Hellenic Chapter, 21st March 2019
On March 21st 2019 the LightCoce project was presented at the Technical Seminar Organized by the ASHRAE Hellenic Chapter. It was an honor and pleasure for LightCoce to be part of this Seminar since it was attended by the ASHRAE President Sheila J. Hayter. Her Presidential talk was orientated towards “Building Our New Energy Future”, meaningful contribution and collaboration schemes have been discussed. ASHRAE published in 2018 the International Green Construction Code Powered by Standard 18.9-1-2017 which addresses some of the LightCoce sectors, NTUA, AXIA and the ASHRAE Hellenic Chapter will work towards the liaison and bridging #US and #EU towards the sustainability of the Construction Sector Shaping tomorrows build environment. The Seminar was attended by the #LightCoce partners ASHRAE (Vasiliki Katsirea & Dimitris Charalambopoulos), AXIA (Ioanna Deligiozi) and NTUA (Chrysanthi Panagiotopoulou).